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Meet L. L. Christenson, Author & Illustrator of Cross Creek Books


Meet L. L. Christenson, Author & Illustrator of Cross Creek Books™

Cross Creek Books™ offers Christian middle grade book choices for ages 8-12 and Young Adult books for ages 13-18. 

Mailing Adress:

L. L. Christenson

P.O. Box 9177

Rochester, MN 55903


(888) 644-7341 toll free


When Lisa isn't writing she is spending time with her family, time in the outdoors photographing and studying nature and gathering ideas for her next book. 

Lisa's Christian fiction has placed in a variety of national writing contests and photo competitions, including: Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition, Harlequin® Love Inspired® Search for the Killer Voice, PDN, and many more.

Her wildlife documentaries and photo exhibits have been featured at the National Eagle Center, Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound, KTTC Television News, KAAL Television News, Post-Bulletin, and her photos have appeared in thousands of national publications, book covers, text books, Web sites.

Lisa has a strong background in wildlife photography and studying nature. She's worked at a nature center, spent her lifetime shooting numerous wildlife documentaries, (she even worked for the Minnesota Conservation Corps (as a female lumberjack). These positions, among others, helped teach her about the love of the land, protecting our wildlife, and deepened her love for Jesus.

God's creation provided many trails, narrow and wide for Lisa's journey in this life and Lisa wanted to write about what she loved most: faith, family and people, nature and lessons.

Lisa's has the desires to write the best wildlife adventures she can think up based on her lifetime experiences she has researched in the wild. The GIRLS FROM THE WOODS series is one of her new middle grade (MG) fiction book series, based in part, off her years growing up, and in her youth, founding her own nature club!

Her interviews with hundreds of celebrities, entertainers, and authors taught Lisa a wealth of knowledge, the new artists and the celebrated artists and entertainers inspired her, in part, to create her FAITH LIKE A SONG series. Written in the spirit, for all the Indies and the unsung artists struggling to make their first album, get noticed, and sing about their journey and explore their faith while climbing out of the trenches, reaching for their chance to be noticed. This series is for you.

Lisa makes her home in Rochester, Minnesota with David her husband, and Emme their anime artist daughter; surrounded by the woods, the song of the robins, the caterwauling of barred owls (inspiration for her Owls of Huoulah series), her 14-year-old German Shepherd (the star of her Bow Wow Detectives®, sister Chihuahua's (also stars in her Bow Wow Detectives®, a cat (star of Lisa's Meow Meow Detectives™).

If you want to check out her wildlife documentaries and other books series visit: or