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Cross Creek Books™ is a private boutique publisher offering Christian fiction developed for ages 8-12 middle grade students (MG); ages 13-18 for  young adult (YA) readers, however, most of our books are enjoyed by adults too! Our books are available as print, ebook, and audio books is planned.

National Award-winning and #1 International Bestselling Author,  L. L. Christenson is the creator and illustrator of all the inside illustrations, and most covers, book designs of each title published by Cross Creek Books.

Cross Creek Books believes in uplifting our young readers by writing faith-challenging stories and offering books with characters using bible verses to lean on through their personal struggles, in hopes, their challenges will offer our readers a way to use their faith during their own personal trials and struggles.

Book Series & Stand Alone Titles by L. L. Christenson

Do you like horses? Check out L. L. Christenson's upcoming series . . . 

Lauren Ridge Stables 

One Life to Live Book One

FAITH LIKE A SONG Series | Young Adult | Ages 13 and up

Promises of Forever, Episode 3

GIRLS FROM THE WOODS Series | Middle Grade | Ages 8 and up

Single Title Books:

Haley's Secret | Middle Grade | Ages 8 and up     Author: L. L. Christenson         Home

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